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Investment In Safety

When you install the MaxiView blind spot mirrors on to your existing car side mirrors then you will understand why they are the must adjustable stick on mirrors in the world. MaxiView blind spot mirrors can be tilted and turned to suit any driver of any age, height, seating position or car make. You can be sure that there is ample viewing capacity in your blind spot when you install your MaxiView mirrors.

Unlike the other mirrors on the market the MaxiView blind spot mirrors do not reduce or shrink the image that is reflected in them. Other blind spot mirrors actually shrink the image to around 8 times smaller than they actually are. That means that drivers with these mirrors installed have to squint and strain to see exactly what is in the blind spot but then they also have to estimate – hopefully accurately , as to the distance it is behind them in order to make a lane change. It may come as no surprise that many of the vehicles that are involved in lane change collisions on our highways have these mirrors installed.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors give the driver ample time to decide if it is safe to make a lane change. They are easily viewed from the drivers seat without the driver having to take their eyes from the road at any time. They are stuck to the existing side mirrors in the upper corner of the mirror. This is the most logical position for a mirror like this as this area only reflects the sky, and therefore does not inhibit any view or vision that you would otherwise require. When using the MaxiView blind spot mirrors you can be assured that your safety does not come at a hefty price because they retail for a more than reasonable $30 a pair.