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Lane Changes Are the Most Dangerous Move on Our Roads

A familiar scene on most roads is a driver checking his or her side mirror to ensure the coast is clear for changing lanes only for a vehicle to appear out of nowhere. If the driver is having a lucky day, he or she will swerve away to avoid colliding with the other vehicle but if unlucky, he or she will hit the vehicle on the side. This is how most changing lanes collisions occur. The reason simply because there was a blind spot on the driver’s side mirror that prevented him or her to see the vehicle coming along his or her adjacent side. Accidents that occur during lane changing are among the leading causes for loss of lives nationally. Changing lanes has become one of the most dangerous moves on our roads today.

To make changing lanes safer, it is imperative to reduce or even eliminate the blind spot. This can only be achieved if motorists became more responsible and started using a blind spot mirror instead of the conventional fish-eye and bubble side mirrors. The blind spot mirror is optically engineered to provide expanded visibility without distortions. It gives the driver a realistic view because the image you see on it is two and a half times larger than other mirrors. Furthermore, the blind spot mirror can be installed on a motorhome mirror, a motorcycle mirror, and even on a towing mirror. With unique night vision features, the blind spot mirror is glare proof which makes it even more efficient while changing lanes at night. It is shatterproof and fog resistant too.

The blind spot mirror has been tested with great success on California freeways and even on the best autobahns in Germany. It is the best solution to eliminating the problem of blind spots for motorists. If blind spots are totally eliminated, changing lanes would not be as dangerous as it is at the moment.