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Lane Changes -The Most Dangerous Move?

On many occasions as we travel around, we may find ourselves changing lanes too quickly without really checking the blind spot area properly. This can be a devastating price to pay for many motorists on our roads and it may come as no surprise that the lane change can be considered the most dangerous move to make when traveling. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a large number of vehicle collisions take place when motorists change lanes. These accidents often lead to death and grave injuries.

Many vehicles that are manufactured today are being rolled out with side mirrors stamped with a warning similar to: “objects may be closer than they appear” on the mirror. This serves as a warning to the drivers to be vigilant when making that important but rather dangerous lane change. This problem is further aggravated by the fact that, while using these side mirrors, the objects that the driver is trying best to avoid is reduced considerably in size to the degree that the driver may not even see them.
Certainly the blind spot is an important feature that must be catered for if we are to travel safely on the road. However, reducing the size of objects reflected in the blind spot mirror has caused more confusion and collisions than it has helped the matter. Thankfully, MaxiView blind spot mirrors have taken a logical approach to remedying this problem. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are an innovative design that enlarges the images reflected by up to three times their usual size.

The MaxiView blind spot mirrors come in an extremely adjustable 360 degree ball and socket design which will allow all drivers regardless of height or seating preferences to utilize the mirrors effectively. These mirrors are shatterproof, fog resistant and are easily affixed to a vehicles existing side mirrors.