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Lane Changing Without Fear of Collision

Driving is a useful part of our lives and life without vehicles is impossible these days. It does not matter if you drive the car yourself, have a driver or use public transport, driving should be safe. Whenever you take your vehicle on a highway, you put yourself at risk of one of the most common causes of collisions in our nation. The lane change is the most dangerous move that a driver can make on a highway and it is usually because of one single thing; the blind spot.

Lane changing can be a necessity when the roads are particularly congested. Many times we have been in a vehicle traveling on the highway when we have either witnessed or been directly involved in a near miss or indeed a collision due to lane changing. The most common reason that drivers give for this mistake is that they simply did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot when they made the lane change.

Different types of mirrors were introduced to combat this widespread problem but have had very limited success. These are the bubble or fish-eye mirrors you have no doubt seen. These mirrors made the object that was being reflected appear small. This was a puzzling solution to such a widespread problem as the object that motorists were trying to avoid had now been reduced in size. These mirrors required the driver to squint and ascertain if the object was actually there and if so they then had to estimate – accurately- how far away the object was!

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. MaxiView blind spot mirrors take all the guess work and illogical reasoning out of the blind spot. MaxiView reflect images up to three times larger their actual size, so drivers have ample warning of another vehicle within the blind spot area. They can be easily affixed to any vehicle’s existing side mirrors and can be adjusted a whopping 360 degrees to suit any driver regardless of their height or seated position.