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Let MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Expose What’s Lurking In Your Blind Spot

Blind spots occur in every make of vehicle. You can have the biggest hunk of junk in the yard or you can be in a vehicle that costs more than the average family home and still have a blind spot. With the majority of collisions on the roads that occur from lane changes due to blind spots, someone had to do something about the dilemma facing us all. MaxiView blind spot mirrors have developed the answer to your blind spot problems. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, the MaxiView blind spot mirror is the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror with side to side and lateral adjustability.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors took the humble side mirror of today’s vehicles and studied them hard. When you consider the view that you get in your side mirrors you can imagine that it is made up of the road that falls behind you, part of the vehicle they are attached to and also the sky. What use does the sky have in making a lane change? Absolutely none, and that is exactly where the MaxiView blind spot mirror is placed. That way , no vision is compromised when they are attached to your existing mirrors and with the amazing adjustability, you can keep your eyes on the road and still be aware at all ties of what is in your blind spot.

The mirrors that are on the market today that try to combat this problem cause more dramas than solve them. These bubble or fish eye mirrors will reduce the size of the object meaning that the driver now has to estimate and basically guess how far away the other vehicle is to them. MaxiView blind spot mirrors took the ingenious step of enlarging objects so that the driver has more than enough time to make a decision to change lanes.