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Let MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Solve Your Blind Spot Problems

Over the years the motor vehicle has changed considerably when it comes to efficiency and looks. One critical element of the vehicle hasn’t had such a makeover and has really begged for someone to sit up and take notice as it is the cause of many collisions resulting in injuries and sometimes fatalities. The humble side view mirror of today’s vehicles differ only slightly to the ones that were fitted way back when your grandfather was a young man. The blind spot was as prevalent back then as it is today and there really hasn’t been much development in the industry to fix it. That was until MaxiView mirrors came up with a very intelligent alternative.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are able to solve the problems of the blind spot which affects all vehicles and all drivers. Rather than having to swivel around and check to see if there is another vehicle in your blind spot, the MaxiView blind spot mirror exposes any other vehicle or object in that zone. Other blind spot mirrors reduce the size of the reflected image and come with warnings that the image may be closer than it seems. This meant that drivers had to estimate the distance between another vehicle and themselves before choosing to change lanes. What a disaster this has been on the highways and the collisions that occur every day are evidence of this.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors will reflect the image up to three times larger than the actual size, giving the driver loads of time to make a decision. There are no other stick on mirrors in the world that have the adjustability of the MaxiView blind spot mirror, you can adjust it side to side or laterally. That means drivers of any height can still see what is lurking in their blind spot, without swivelling in their seat or even taking their eyes from the road.