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Logical Approach To Blind Spot Mirrors

If you are looking for a safer way to drive on our roads and highways then you should certainly consider the MaxiView blind spot mirror. This is a blind spot mirror like no other on the market and the reasons are very clear as to why this is a blind spot mirror that will provide a greater level of safety than what has been traditionally available until now.

Other blind spot mirrors of the past have had the formula all wrong it seems. When a driver needed to know what was in their blind spot the fish eye or bubble mirrors that have been available have reduced the image and made the driver have to stretch and squint to try and make out what was in their blind spot. Some of the vehicle manufacturers started to include side mirrors with a similar premise that come with the warning that images may be closer than they appear. Again, these left the driver struggling to see what was in their blind spot and then required the driver to accurately estimate the true distance of the other vehicle and their own before making a lane change – hopefully safely.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors understood that this seemed to be open to a wide degree of risk when it came to accurately estimating distance. So, as a result they developed a blind spot mirror that enlarges the image by three times. This gives drivers the time and opportunity to make a safe lane change with far less estimating involved. They are the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world which means that regardless of the vehicle make and model or the drivers height or seated position, the MaxiView blind spot mirror can provide premium reflection of the blind spot. You may purchase a pair of MaxiView blind spot mirrors for less than $30 a pair.