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Making the most dangerous move with confidence

Changing lanes on a multi-lane highway is one of the most dangerous moves that drivers make. Several times you may have been in a situation where you were changing your lane because the side mirror gave you a green signal when suddenly there was an oncoming vehicle that seems to appear out of nowhere. If you had quick reflexes and were able to move back into your lane, you may have been able to avoid a collision. However, most often drivers are unable to avoid such collision, which result in fatal outcomes causing severe injuries and death. To make safer lane changes, drivers need to ensure there are no oncoming vehicles in their blindspots without having to turn their heads.

The commonest invisible areas are the rear quarter blindspots, which are areas near the rear of your vehicles on both sides. Any vehicle driving adjacent to your car may be invisible to you if you are using only the normal vehicular mirrors. The perfect solution to avoid collisions due to these reasons is using blindspot mirrors.

These convenient attachments can be installed at home by using the all weather bonding strip made with a superior adhesive. The installation can be completed within a few minutes by following the simple instructions offered by the manufacturer and do not require working with any special tools and equipments. Unlike the bubble type or fish eye mirrors that are available, these new blindspot mirrors do not reduce or distort the images. A 360 degree swivel ball allows you to move the adjustable mirror as per your convenience and requirements. Moreover, the optically treated glass provides resistance to shattering, glaring, and foggy weather conditions. These mirrors are usable for all vehicles, including motorhome mirrors, motorcycle mirrors, and towing mirrors. These mirrors are priced at reasonable rates, which makes these affordable to all drivers.