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Maxi View Blind Spot Mirrors Are All About Motorist Safety

The cleverly designed Maxi View blind spot mirrors are so capable and have enjoyed so much worldwide success as they work off a simple and yet until now completely overlooked principal: make the reflected objects larger. You see, up until Maxi View released its patented design on the market the only real option for motorists concerned with locating any other vehicle in their blind spot was the often insufficient and highly subjective bubble mirror or fish eye mirror.

The reason why these mirrors were not a true winner like Maxi View was simple. Drivers had to locate the object in the mirror that had reduced the actual size of it by such a substantial amount. You have probably seen the warnings these mirrors come with; objects may be closer than they appear? This left the door wide open for driver error. Suddenly, not only did you have to strain and squint to see the greatly reduced item in the mirror; but you instantly needed to be a precise hand at accurately predicting the distance that vehicle was from you.

Thankfully Maxi View blind spot mirrors will reflect any object in the blind spot by up to three times bigger than it actually is. This means the target you are trying to avoid for risk of your life and your vehicles safety is enlarged – not reduced. With the unique and fully patented 360 degree ball and socket swivel design, the Maxi View blind spot mirror is the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror. That means you can be a seven foot tall basketball player or a petite and fragile grandmother; you are still going to get the optimum amount of blind spot vision when driving your vehicle. Considering the world wide success and the absolute efficiency that these mirrors bring to the motorist, it may surprise you to learn that they retail for less than $30 a pair.