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Maxi View Blind Spot Mirrors Are Incomparable

Unless you took your eyes from the road while you were commuting faster than the usual average of 50 miles an hour, and twisted your head over your shoulder to check at the rear of you, you would not have noticed the vehicle that was seated in your blind spot. This is the same thing that countless drivers do each day and it is beyond scary to think that they are driving at great speed when they do so. To take your eyes from the road and physically turn in your seat to check behind your shoulder sounds like pure madness, but it is commonplace on our busiest and most congested highways.

Up until now, motorists really didn’t have any option but to make this often fatal maneuver. Without removing their eyes from the road in front they won’t have the ability to ensure if there is anyone there in order to make a lane change.Some manufacturers came up with a rather inadequate solution of the bubble mirror. This simply reduced the size of the object the motorist was trying to avoid hitting and left them having to guess and gauge as to how far away they actually were to them.

When it comes to comparing these bubble or fish eye mirrors to the Maxi View blind spot mirrors it is like comparing apples and oranges. You couldn’t find two more polar opposite products. The uniquely designed Maxi View blind spot mirrors are so successful because they magnify the physical objects in the blind spot. This means you don’t have to stress and think as to how far away the physical object is.The image is reflected up to three times bigger than it really is. That means that rather than guessing how far away the target is that you are trying to avoid, Maxi View will present it to you with more than enough time to assess the safeness of a lane change.