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Maxi View Blind Spot Mirrors Exposing The Hidden Blind Spot

For many a years now, the auto industry has missed a rather pivotal and vital factor incumbent for less hazardous driving that affects each and every one of the vehicles on our roads today. This issue is not restricted to heavy vehicles such as buses or trucks. It is also not exclusive to tow vehicles like campers or trailers. This affects the family wagon. It concerns the work car, your child’s first vehicle and your mothers pride and joy. So, what exactly is this problem? Put simply; it’s the blind spot.

A quick check back over the super modifications in pattern and efficiency of today’s auto vehicles will show you just how far we have come in design and engineering of all motor vehicles big and small. Nevertheless, one humble add-on accessory that is necessary for safe traveling has been brushed aside for almost half a century. The side mirrors and rear view mirrors on today’s auto vehicles differ only very marginally to those that were set on the oldest designs that rolled and clunked off the assembly line from years ago.

If we know that lane changing collisions are the reason for more fatalities and wounds than any other traffic linked incident, then surely something has to be done to fix the problem.

One hopeful solution to the topic is an innovation by Maxi View Mirrors. Using a specifically copyrighted pattern developed after years of testing and research, Maxi View blind spot mirrors can reveal the objects that the blindspot has up until this point obscured. Not only does the Maxi View mirror disclose objects sitting within the blind spot but it enlarges the image of them by up to three times their normal size. Maxi View blind spot mirrors are the world’s most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror.