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Maxi View Can Make The Target Bigger In Order to Avoid It

Have you ever needed to compare the difference between the bubble and fish eye mirror or other products that may be on the market that are designed to remedy the problem of blind spots in our vehicles? When you compare these products to the Maxi View blind spot mirrors you couldn’t find a bunch of more differing products and outcomes. The smartly designed Maxi View blind spot mirrors enjoy the world wide acknowledgment and success they do because they work in the complete opposite fashion to the bubble or fish eye mirrors. In essence the Maxi View blind spot mirror enlarges the objects in the blind spot.

Sure, that may seem like an overly simple outcome but when you compare it to what is available you will soon come to realize that it is truly superior to the other products out there. Bubble and fish eye mirrors reduce the image they are reflecting. You have probably seen the warnings these mirrors come with about how images may be larger than they appear. Essentially, what the manufacturer here is requiring you do is estimate the distance of the now reduced in size object and hopefully accurately determine if it is safe for you to make a lane change. Do I need to tell you that the majority of vehicles that have been involved in collisions and accidents on the nation’s roads have had these mirrors fitted? Apparently, our estimating is not as great as it should be.

The Maxi View blind spot mirror will reflect any object up to three times bigger than it actually is. Now, let’s think about that for a moment. If I’m trying to avoid a target why would I want it to be reduced in size? I want it as big as it can get so I know where it is and when to avoid it!