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Maxi view Offer A Common Sense Alternative To Motoring Safety

Depending on your make and model of car you drive, will have some bearing on the size of the blind spot that will affect it. Blind spots can range from being reasonably modest to mind-blowingly large where a full-length vehicle may be ‘hidden’ inside it without your knowledge. It really sounds a little odd and a tiny bit bizarre that in this day and age we still have not got a good solution to what is the number one cause of accidents and collisions on our roads when changing lanes.

In thinking about this obvious problem, let’s take a look at the average family wagon. Or the bus that you may pass on your travels or even the large truck you see on the road. All of these vehicles have a blind spot. Indeed, even the humble and comparatively small motorcycle has a blind spot as well. You may not be amazed to know that no matter of this large scaled error, the side mirror has modified only slightly in intent and purpose since the foremost car rattled off the production line. Yes, as the motor vehicle enjoyed its many transformations both aesthetically and powerfully, the seemingly forgotten side mirrors have remained relatively unchanged.

Is it any wonder then that the side mirrors that have been so forgotten can hold the responsibility for so many lane change incidents and collisions? One rather inefficient response was the bubble or fish eye mirror. This reduced the size of objects being reflected and came with warnings that they may appear further away than they actually are. Maxi view blind spot mirrors saw the absurdity in reducing the size of the object a driver was trying to avoid. In response it produced the world’s most flexible and adjustable stick on blind spot mirror. When common sense prevails it is little wonder that Maxi view is the world’s leading blind spot mirror manufacturer.