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Maxi view Touted As The World’s Most Adjustable Stick On Mirror

Lane change fatalities and traumas are a grave issue and have been the leading cause of motorway accidents for years. One of the biggest causes for these collisions is the blind spot. What the side mirror on our vehicle does not tell us is that we oftentimes have an entire vehicle hiding in wait, and unless we take our eyes from the road and physically turn in our seats we will not see it until it is too late. Maxi view saw the urgency in developing an effective and successful solution to this major problem.

Touted as the world’s most adjustable stick on mirror, Maxi view Blind Spot Mirrors have revolutionized the way that motorists can carry out a lane change. Other options have been to install a bubble or fish eye mirror to their vehicles. Not only were these mirrors expensive to install, but they were highly inefficient at exposing the dangers. Unlike Maxi view; the bubble mirrors reduce the size of the vehicle in your blind spot. This means that the driver has to accurately estimate the distance the other vehicle is from them.

Maxi view saw the absurdity in this flaw and designed their mirror to increase the size of the object by up to three times its actual dimensions. Maxi view is an easy to apply and easy to adjust alternative to the side mirrors of late. Able to be attached to your existing side mirrors, Maxi view Blind Spot Mirrors sit in the upper top corner of your mirror. This is the area that would normally reflect the sky – obviously not a consideration when assessing the safety of a lane change. Retailing at less than $30 a pair it is little wonder that the Maxi view blind spot mirrors are a favorite the world over.