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Maximum Blind Spot Exposure With MaxiView Mirrors

Over the past four or five decades of vehicle production and manufacturing, there has been one fundamental element ignored that is actually required to allow for a safer driving experience on our nations roads. It seems that the automobile industry keeps turning a blind eye to the issues of blind spots. Regardless of the progress that we have made regarding technology and efficiency in our vehicles, the blind spot is still the number one cause of collisions involving injuries and fatalities when lane changing. Take a quick look back through history and you will see that the rear view mirrors and side mirrors on our vehicles differ only very slightly to some of the earliest model vehicles that rolled off the production line.

A very promising answer to this conundrum is a concept by MaxiView Mirrors. Using their unique and fully patented design, geared entirely to creating an answer to the dilemmas that several drivers develop, sometimes due to the inferior vehicle design in manufacture, MaxiView mirrors can disclose the vehicles and even objects that would otherwise remain hidden within the blindspot. Purchasing a vehicle today, it will come with the manufacturers side view mirrors. These will merely reflect an almost insignificant degree of what is in truth behind and beside the vehicle.

Taking a look at what is reflected in your existing vehicle side mirrors, it becomes obvious that a good deal of the reflection consists of the sky, along with the vehicle you are inside as well as part of the road directly behind. We can understand that the sky is of little to no consequence when deciding if it is safe to change lanes. This is the precise reason that MaxiView blind spot mirrors are mounted in the area that would otherwise reflect the sky, that is , in the upper corner of the standard side mirrors. Placing a MaxiView blind spot mirror there will not impede any vision of cars or objects behind or to the side of your vehicle, and will actually provide a visual on the area that is otherwise concealed in the blind spot.

Many mirrors that attach to existing side mirrors will throw a reflection that is much smaller than the actual object. This can also cause collisions as the driver has to accurately judge how far away the vehicle in their mirror actually is. MaxiView blind spot mirrors found this not only highly dangerous but completely inconvenient for the driver. The reflection that you get when you drive with a MaxiView blind spot mirror is reflected at up to three times its actual size. This means the driver has ample time to decide whether it is indeed safe to make a lane change or not. The design of MaxiView blind spot mirrors are also the most adjustable laterally and side to side than any other stick on mirror in the world. That is a big call to make and MaxiView can back it all the way. This means you can be any height and still get perfect blind spot exposure when driving with MaxiView blind spot mirrors.