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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Are An Essential Safety Item

If you have seen the blind spots mirrors that are available on today’s market then you will no doubt have seen the bubble or fish eye mirrors, and you may have seen the side mirrors that have the warnings saying objects may appear closer than they are. The reason these mirrors come with warnings is because they reduce the size of the objects by up to eight times their actual size in the reflection. The idea behind these mirrors is to give the driver all the view they could need in order to make a decision as to the safety of a lane change.

Unfortunately these mirrors rely mainly ion the accuracy of the driver to estimate the distance of the vehicle behind them in their blind spot. Considering that lane change collisions are the leading cause of collisions on our roads then we can see that this is not a very accurate way of gauging driver safety. MaxiView mirrors developed the most innovative blind spot mirror on the market today. They changed the way that blind spot mirrors work by enlarging the reflected image by up to three times the actual size. This negates the need for the driver to accurately estimate the distance that a vehicle is in order to make the lane change as it gives them more than enough time to ascertain the safety in distance of the vehicle behind.

As the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world – guaranteed, MaxiView blind spot mirrors are an effective and economical way to ensure your absolute safety on the roads. They are able to be removed should you want to place them on another vehicle and they can be adjusted so that any driver of any height can effectively use them. Retailing at less than $30 a pair, the MaxiView blind spot mirrors are an essential safety item for your vehicle.