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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Are An Investment In Safety

As an exercise in comparison, take a look at the vehicle that you come across on your way to work next, or perhaps dropping the kids at school. Look at their side mirrors, do they have a blind spot mirror attached? Maybe your vehicle has one? Manufacturers started to produce vehicles that had mirrors stating that objects are closer than they seem, this was a relatively unsuccessful way to combat the blind spot. All vehicles have a blind spot, regardless of it being a car, bus, truck or motorcycle. It is the space that the driver cannot see that sits behind and to the side of the driver, in fact it can hide an entire vehicle in there without being noticed.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the most superior blind spot mirror on the market today. Rather than minimizing the size of the object that the driver is trying to avoid, MaxiView actually enlarges it up to three times its normal size. That means the driver is able to have maximum warning before making a lane change that there is another vehicle in the way. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are guaranteed to be the most adjustable stick on mirror on earth. With a 360 degree ball and swivel smart design it allows for maximum lateral and side to side adjustment. All drivers regardless of their height can get optimum benefits from a MaxiView blind spot mirror. These mirrors are stuck to the inside upper corner of your existing side mirrors using a super adhesive bond that surgeons use in place of stitches. They can put up with the most extreme of weather and punishment, but if you want to switch your MaxiView blind spot mirrors to another vehicle later, just use their unique tool to remove them then reapply them to your next vehicle. At less than $30 a pair, MaxiView blind spot mirrors are an investment in safety.