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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Exposing The Hidden Hazards On Our Vehicles

Remembering the times when you were first learning to drive a motor vehicle you may recall your instructor offering you direction to change lanes whilst in traffic. The instructor most likely asked you to check your rear view mirror, then each side mirror on the vehicle. The next piece of instruction still astounds me today. The instructor then requests that you turn in your seat and look over your shoulder to ensure there is no one in your blind spot. How a learner driver could possibly keep their vehicle from collision while travelling at any speed let alone the speed limit of 60 miles an hour on our nations highways is beyond my comprehension. To ask a driver to take their eyes from the road ahead and turn their direction to the rear side of them whilst travelling at speed is incomprehensible to me.

What can be done about this ridiculous piece of advice? This has been the quandary for many drivers for many decades and it seems that the automotive industry just hasn’t been able to find an acceptable answer, as they are still manufacturing vehicles that do not have adequate blind spot mirrors attached. MaxiView blind spot mirrors can be attached to any vehicle on our road with a blind spot. In fact, every single vehicle on our roads has a blind spot and the size of the blind spot can differ according to the make and model. Trucks and motorcycles are not exempt from this problem either and MaxiView has them covered with their unique patented design.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors have developed a 360 degree ball that is able to swivel and adjust to any driver, irrespective of their height or how they position them self within the drivers seat. The patented design means that maximum adjustability is capable as the mirrors will reflect everything in the side and rear of the vehicle. So sure are they of the ease of use and absolute adjustability, that MaxiView state that no other stick on blind spot mirror in the world can come close to what they offer in blind spot mirrors. This can help all drivers ascertain the safety of changing lanes by being able to see a side and lateral view of their vehicle and gauge the position of other vehicles near them. Not only that, the driver doesn’t even need to take their eyes from the road when doing so, the MaxiView blind spot mirror is placed so that the driver can still remain focussed on what is in front and around their vehicle without turning their head. 433

With a stick on application that can withstand years of punishment , and then easily be removed for when you want to change the mirrors to another vehicle, MaxiView blind spot mirrors are a necessary safety feature for every vehicle. When we consider that lane changing on highways is the number one cause of collisions because drivers simply did not see the other vehicle in their blind spot, we can see the importance of having a tremendous product like the MaxiView blind spot mirror.