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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors For Today and Tomorrow

If you have ever taken the time to look around at the vehicles next to you when you are driving, you may notice that some have special mirrors attached to their existing side mirrors. Sometimes these are the bubble or fish eye mirrors and other times they are side mirrors that have warnings stamped on them stating that objects may be closer than they appear. These are all blind spot mirrors and have had limited success in helping drivers locate objects in their blind spot and estimate their driving according to the other vehicles image. The blind spot is an area that sits to the side rear of the vehicle and every motor vehicle on our roads has one. That means every truck, bus, car and motorcycle all has a blind spot. Depending on what the model and make of the vehicle is will also depend on the size of the blind spot. Some blind spots are so bad that they can “hide” entire vehicles inside them without the driver knowing.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are innovative in design as they will not impede any of the vision of the vehicles existing side mirrors. By attaching them to the upper corner of the side mirror, the area that the MaxiView blind spot mirrors replace is the area that only reflected the sky. This means that all drivers can keep their eyes on the road while checking to see if there are any vehicles in their blind spot. The clever fully patented MaxiView blind spot mirror has a 360 degree ball and swivel design. This gives maximum adjustability and is touted as the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror. Guaranteed. At less than $30 a pair you can attach your MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your vehicle today and when you decide to change vehicle later, remove them and take them with you.