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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors For Ultimate Safety

BLAST! That was a close one, and the vehicle next to you with the irate driver cursing at you is doing so out of fear of the fact that you only just missed hitting them when you went for the lane change. It happens all the time on our roads, day in and day out. In fact the most common cause of collisions on our highways is due to lane changes that were poorly times. When these drivers were quizzed as to why they made a lane change when it was unsafe the answer was resoundingly similar. They simply had not seen the other vehicle in their blind spot.

A blind spot is an area on the vehicle that can “hide” an entire vehicle within it. It is the area that sits to the rear and side of the vehicle, and this includes trucks, buses, vans, and motorcycles. Jut how big the blind spot is depends on things like the drivers position in their seat as well as the make and model of the vehicle. There is one way to over come the blind spot however and it comes in the form of a stick on mirror by MaxiView.

Unlike other far less successful blind spot mirrors that are currently on the market, MaxiView blind spot mirrors provide the driver with a reflected image that is three times larger than the actual object. This allows the driver plenty of time to ascertain the safety of the lane change. MaxiView mirrors are applied to the upper corner of the existing side mirrors where the sky is usually reflected. This means that the drivers view is in no way impaired and is in fact improved greatly. Considering the amazing safety aspects of the MaxiView blind spot mirrors it is refreshing to learn that they are very reasonably priced at less than $30 a pair and can be placed on any vehicle regardless of the make.