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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Guaranteed To Be The Most Adjustable In The World

Travelling on the nations highways over the years I have seen many near misses and collisions when vehicles try to make lane changes. This is something you may have seen or been involved in yourself. It’s easy to do , you think that you are totally clear of anything behind you and you go through your check list of things to do before you make that change. You know what they are; check in the rear vision mirror, then look at your side mirrors on your vehicle, once you ascertain you are clear to go you flick on your indicator and pull out into the other lane. This seemingly simple act is the major cause of collisions and near misses on the nations highways. What is it that the driver is missing to allow for such an error in judgement?

If your answer to this dilemma is that they just didn’t see the other vehicle then I totally believe you. In fact that’s the same reason that almost all drivers give for the reason why they collided with the vehicle in the lane next to them when they tried (unsuccessfully) to make a lane change. The other vehicle was in their blind spot, and unless the driver took their eyes from the road, swivelled in their seat and looked back over their shoulder at a rate of 50 or 60 miles an hour, they would not have seen any object in their blind spot whatsoever. One of the least effective ways to treat this problem was with the invention of the bubble or fish eye mirror. Lets face it; when these mirrors come with warnings that tell you that the object is actually larger than it is showing it, I start to wonder who would reduce the target that I’m trying to avoid at all costs?

When you compare the MaxiView blind spot mirrors to the markets only other blind spot mirror choice, you can see that everything pales in comparison to MaxiView. While bubble and fish eye mirrors reduce the size of the object, MaxiView blind spot mirrors actually enlarge the object lurking in your blind spot by up to three times its normal size. Can you imagine how big a help this is to the driver that doesn’t want to squint to see what it is that they are trying to miss, or madly trying to estimate the distance between them and the object in the blind spot? MaxiView blind spot mirrors gives you loads of warning that you have a vehicle in the blind spot and that you should make your lane changing decisions accordingly.

Placement of the MaxiView blind spot mirrors is the other clever feature to its design. When we take a closer look at exactly what our side mirrors reflect, we can see that there are three distinct things; the road directly behind, part of the side of the vehicle they are attached to and then there is a large chunk of the sky being reflected. MaxiView blind spot mirrors attach to the area that the sky is reflected so as to enable the driver to have full vision of all the important factors concerning their vehicle. With the special patented 360 degree ball and swivel design MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror. Guaranteed.