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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Innovative and Clever Design

If you do any kind of travelling on our nations highways then you will have no doubt seen or been a part of a collision or a near miss that involved a lane change between two drivers. Lane changing accidents are the leading cause of collisions on the highways that we travel on every day. This seems like an odd fact to me and it makes me wonder what it it is that happens every time a driver gets behind the wheel to put them at risk when they or other drivers decide to swap lanes. Taking a look at the tools involved in a lane change we can not e that the driver would need to use their rear vision mirror, their side mirrors as well as their indicator. All road worthy vehicles on our highways have these fitted and working, so what exactly is the problem here?

You are not dreaming, I believe you entirely that you honestly did not see the other vehicle there. You couldn’t have seen it unless you did a couple of extra things when you checked for safety in lane changing. You would have had to turn in your seat and take your eyes from the road whilst driving at the speed you were travelling at – lets say a conservative 50 miles an hour. You would have needed to check over your shoulder and look in the lane that you were wanting to merge to to see if there was another vehicle there. This is your blind spot. All vehicles have them and unless you physically check in them, you wont see anything that is within that range. Some of the mirrors on the market fall short in trying to combat this problem. The mistake they make with the bubble or fish eye mirrors that are so common is that they reduce the size of the object in the blind spot. Why make the problem smaller for me to try and miss?

Comparing MaxiView blind spot mirrors with the bubble or fish eye mirrors is like comparing apples with oranges. The clever design of the MaxiView mirrors makes the objects in the reflection three times larger than they actually are. This means that the driver has got ample time to make a decision as to the safety of a lane change. The bubble mirrors require the driver to squint to try and see the reduced object and then hope that their estimations are right when they guess at how far away the object actually is. MaxiView blind spot mirrors give the driver more time to adjust their driving accordingly.

Attaching the MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your existing side mirrors is not a difficult task and shows more clever innovation by MaxiView. They realised that the side mirrors of a vehicle reflect three main things; the road behind the vehicle, the side of the vehicle they are attached to and the sky. Now, I ave never heard of anyone using the sky as a gauge to make a lane change and I guess neither had MaxiView because that is precisely where their blind spot mirrors are placed. The 360 degree lateral and side to side adjustability makes the MaxiView blind spot mirrors the most adjustable stick on mirrors on the globe. Guaranteed.