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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Making Lane Changes Safer

Take your self back top a time when you were first learning to drive. You may be a teenager and taking your first series of lessons behind the wheel. This is an exciting time for many and one that is also fraught with danger. Your instructor would have advised you of all the steps that must be taken when performing different tasks in your vehicle. Some of these are for parking, reversing and one in particular that worries me still today is the changing of lanes when in traffic and on the highway.

You may recall the instruction being something along the lines of checking your rear vision mirror to see if there is anyone behind you, then assessing the view of your side mirrors. If both are clear then the next step is asked and this is supposedly the deciding factor to gauge the safety and success of a lane change; your instructor will ask you to look over your shoulder to see if there is another vehicle in your blind spot. That is the one piece of instruction that sends chills down my spine. How a driver who is classed as a beginner is supposed to maintain control of their vehicle while travelling at speeds of around 60 miles an hour AND looking over the shoulder is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

What can be done about this critical problem? We know that every vehicle that is on our roads suffers from a blind spot. This includes trucks, buses and motorcycles as well. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the blind spot can vary in size, from a relatively narrow area to one that can hide an entire vehicle within it. How do we solve the problem of the blind spot? Because of the design of the vehicles on our roads, there will always be a blind spot, however the side mirrors that have changed very little in design over the years of producing motor vehicles can be enhanced to include a blind spot mirror. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are a stick on mirror that allows drivers to safely negotiate lane changes without taking their eyes from the road.

Touted as the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror the MaxiView blind spot mirror has a unique patented design. The 360 degree ball and swivel capabilities mean that the mirror can be adjusted to suit any drivers height and seating position in any vehicle. With the ball and swivel design, the range of vision is extraordinary, capable of lateral and side views of the car and able to be seen without the driver ever having to take their eyes from the road. The amazing adhesive bonding strip uses the same bonding material currently used during surgery in place of stitches. This means that your blind spot mirrors can withstand any punishment you dish out to them, and yet are still able to be removed by the MaxiView tool in order to attach them to your next vehicle.