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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Making Our Roads Safe

I think if we had to rate the most ludicrous piece of instruction that any driver is given when they are first learning to drive, it would have to involve the directions given when performing a lane change. Think about it, the instructor will tell the driver to look in the rear view mirror and ascertain if there is a vehicle behind them. Then they are asked to visually check the side mirrors to check for clearance with any vehicles to the side of them. Next, they request the ridiculous. The instructor still to this day, will ask the driver – a learner with little to no experience on the open road, to turn in their seat, look over the shoulder and visually determine if there is any vehicle or object in their blind spot. All this while travelling at speed.

Then how do we combat this enormous problem and try to change the way that we drive on our nations roads to make it a safer place for all drivers, beginners and alike? Consider the design of the motor vehicle, all of them have a blind spot, in fact buses, trucks and motorcycles all have blind spots also. This makes for a huge number of vehicles on our roads that are incredibly dangerous when changing lanes. Depending on the make of the vehicle the size of the blind spot can be relatively narrow to quite significant where an entire vehicle could be hidden within it without your knowledge. Seems absurd doesn’t it? Now think about the side mirrors of your vehicle, and how equipped they are to combat this issue. You may not be surprised to know that irrespective of this enormous problem, the side mirror has changed very little in design and function since the first motor vehicle rolled off the production line. MaxiView blind spot mirrors has developed an answer to this critical issue and have designed the most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror in the world.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors developed what is considered the worlds most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror. This unique and fully patented design consists of a 360 degree ball with a swivel capability. This allows any driver, of any height to use the MaxiView blind spot mirror. The clever design of the ball and swivel means that the driver can have the maximum side and lateral views of what is behind and around their vehicle, and this is what makes MaxiView blind spot mirrors so unlike any of the other mirrors that are on the market today. No more will you have to turn in the seat and look over your shoulder to see if it is safe to change lanes, you don’t even have to take your eyes from the road in order to check for safe lane switching position. The fantastic stick on application uses an all weather optimum strength bonding strip that can put up with the most punishing of conditions. These mirrors can be removed only by using the great tool supplied by MaxiView. That means when you sell your vehicle you can take you blind spot mirrors with you and attach them securely again to your next car.