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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Reduce The Danger Of Lane Changes

We have all been there, driving along the highway, minding our own business. You probably are singing along to the radio, or thinking about your week at work and what you have got to get done. You get caught behind some driver who is doing less than the speed limit and they are slowing you down. Checking your rear vision mirror, and then your side mirror you flick on your indicator and make the switch to the next lane. Suddenly, screeching and horns blaring and an irate driver in the next vehicle is swearing and cursing you. What happened? You seriously did not see them there, it was purely and simply an accident because you honestly did not know they were next to you. The reason for this is because they were sitting in your vehicles blind spot. Unless you took the time to turn in your seat, taking your eyes from the road in front of you and check behind, you would not have seen that other vehicle. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Thankfully there is a simple solution to this road hazard. MaxiView blind spot mirrors were developed to combat this precise danger. Most of the blind spot mirrors on the market reduce the size of the object that is reflected, you may have read their warnings on the mirrors; Warning objects may be closer than they seem. How is a driver supposed to gauge how far away another object is accurately? MaxiView blind spot mirrors realised this is an estimate that can be inaccurate and just not worth the risk to lives on the road. That’s why they developed the worlds most adjustable stick on blind spot mirror. Not only is the driver able to see everything within their blind spot, the MaxiView blind spot mirror enlarges the image by up to three times their regular size, giving the driver loads of time to make a decision based on the safety for the lane change.