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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Revolutionize The Dilemma Of Modern Vehicle Blind Spots

For around fifty years now, vehicle production has changed significantly with regards to efficiency, design and technology to power the vehicle. However, there has been one essential vehicle component that has been essentially ignored in all the advancement. The car side mirror and rear view mirror has remained relatively unchanged since the very early models of motor vehicle were produced. It seems that the automotive industry has turned a blind eye to the blind spot issues that are present with every vehicle manufactured. When we consider that the blind spot is the cause for more collisions on our roads resulting in injuries and fatalities, it seems unbelievable that this problem has been allowed to get to this point.

MaxiView mirrors offers a sensible and promising solution to the critical problem of blind spots in motor vehicles and motorcycles. The unique and fully patented design of the MaxiView Mirrors is able to provide a solution to blind spots regardless of the drivers height within the vehicle and regardless of vehicle type. Some vehicles have larger blind spot areas than others and the MaxiView Mirrors are able to uncover any otherwise hidden blind spot. When you purchase a vehicle today, or in fact purchasing a vehicle over the past thirty to forty years, you will note a few significant items when assessing the reflection in the side mirrors. The reflection simply discloses a small amount of what is actually, truly behind and beside your vehicle. On closer inspection it is clear that the sky makes up a large portion of reflection as well as the side of the vehicle along with the road that trails behind.

MaxiView saw this as the best opportunity to improve the safety of drivers on our roads and devised a rear view mirror that could easily expose the area of the blind spot, as well as allowing for maximum vision in the remaining part of the mirror. MaxiView blind spot mirrors are placed in the upper corner of the vehicles existing side mirrors in the area that only reflects the sky. Ask any driver and they will tell you that the sky is not a determining factor as to the safety of lane changing. You can be assured of the least degree of visual disruption in your side mirrors and actually gain vision by seeing who and what is in your blind spot.

When you place the unique adhesive blind spot mirror on to your existing vehicles side mirror you can be assured that there is more lateral and side adjustability that comes with the MaxiView blind spot mirrors than any other stick on mirror in the world. This means that you could be a NBA all star or a petite grandmother and still get the maximum benefit out of your blind spot mirrors regardless of your height. And purchasing the MaxiView Mirrors doesn’t mean that when you sell or trade your vehicle that you lose them with it. MaxiView offer a neat tool that will remove your blind spot mirrors and have them ready for you to attach to your next vehicle.