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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Revolutionizing The Lane Change

When you go to make a lane change when driving on one of our nations highways, you may run through a check list that you have used since you first began driving. It is most likely the same check list that your driving instructor gave you when you had your first driving lessons. Generally speaking you would have been taught to place the indicator on, check in the rear view mirror, then check the side mirrors. The next step is the most ludicrous when you really think about it. The instructor would have requested that you physically turn in your seat and check over your shoulder for any vehicle that may have been unseen and sitting in your blind spot.

When we consider that making a lane change usually requires an increase in speed, it is odd at the very least to imagine why we would be asked to take our eyes from the road and look behind us. This may very well be the reason that so few of us follow through with that part of the instruction and go ahead and make the lane change and often at our own peril. It may come as little wonder to you that the lane change is the leading cause of accidents on the highway. There has to be a better way doesn’t there? Well, MaxiView thought so as well.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. They have a unique and innovative patented ball and socket design which means that drivers of all heights and seating positions in the drivers seat can view what is lurking in their vehicles blind spot. Other mirrors reduce the size of the image reflected meaning that the driver would have to very accurately estimate the distance between them self and the other vehicle before choosing to change lanes. MaxiView actually enlarges the reflected image and therefore make lane changes far safer for all motorists.