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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Suit Any Driver And Vehicle

If you have ever been a witness to, or have been involved in a collision that involved a lane change then you are not alone. In fact, lane change collisions are the most likely type of collision to occur on our highways. If they are so common, what exactly is is that drivers are doing wrong when they get behind the wheel of their motor vehicle? What is sit that is claiming lives and causing injuries on so many occasions when drivers are travelling on the highway? First of all let’s take a look at the standard equipment used to make a lane change: the driver will use a rear vision mirror as well as their side mirrors and their indicator. What could possibly go wrong?

The true problem to this kind of incident is that you honestly did not see the other vehicle there. You would not be able to unless you took your eyes from the road for a moment, turned in your seat and glanced over your shoulder to determine as to whether there was any vehicle travelling in your blind spot. Taking your eyes from the road and turning to look behind you while driving an object at speed weighing a few ton does not sound like the safest thing to do if you ask me. Some of the options to fix the blind spot problem have been more of a hindrance and danger than they have been a help. You have probably seen the bubble or fish eye mirrors that are supposed to combat the problem of blind spots? They all come with manufacturer warnings that the objects are closer than they appear. I don’t know about you, but if I’m trying to avoid an object, why would you make it smaller for me to avoid?

MaxiView blind spot mirrors couldn’t be more opposite to the ineffective bubble and fish eye mirrors if they tried. For starters, MaxiView blind spot mirrors actually enlarge the object being reflected. The object appears around three times larger than it actually is which means that the driver will have maximum time to act and react when driving. That means if you have a vehicle in your blind spot that looks close then you know that its not time to make that change. It comes down to getting too much warning and when it comes to the safety of myself and those travelling in my vehicle I will choose too much warning over none any day!

MaxiView blind spot mirrors utilise the space on your existing side mirrors that is otherwise useless to you as a driver. They stick to the upper top of your side mirror, and this is the place that only reflects the sky. We all know that the sky has zero effect on the safety of lane changes so it can easily be sacrificed for the MaxiView blind spot mirror. The patented design means that you get to utilise the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. Guaranteed. In fact, the 360 degree ball and swivel design means that the lateral and side to side vision that the driver can achieve is suitable to any driver and any drivers height.