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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Take The Guess Work Out Of Driving

The automotive industry has certainly come a long way since the first motor vehicle rolled off the production line. The shape, efficiency and comforts of the vehicle of today is a far cry from what it was when my grandfather was a boy. The one component to the vehicle that just hasn’t seen a lot of change or improvement however is the side mirrors. In fact, the side mirror and what it doesn’t do is the leading cause of collisions and accident s on our motor ways every year. The side mirror is ill-equipped to expose the objects and other vehicles that are in the blind spot.

All vehicle have a blind spot. That means any truck, motorcycle or car that is on our road today has a potentially fatal defect. It almost seems that the motor vehicle industry has turned a blind eye to the blind spot. The mirrors that have been developed to help combat this problem all come with warnings, you have probably seen them: Warning – objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. What use is it to a driver if the object is further away from them? This means that the driver has to estimate and virtually guess the distance between a vehicle or object in their blind spot and them. Quite obviously this has not been a successful design as we are still seeing a noteworthy number of injuries and deaths even when these mirrors are fitted.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors have developed the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror. It sits in the top corner of the vehicles existing side mirrors where the only thing that is reflected is the sky. This means that the driver does not compromise on any loss of vision. Objects are increased by three times to give the driver tons of time to make a lane change, without the hassle of turning in the seat, looking over the shoulder or just hoping for the best.