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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Take The Guess Work Out Of Lane Changes

No doubt you have been on the highway when driving your vehicle and you have been happily or absent mindedly cruising along. You make a decision to change lanes because there’s a vehicle not far in front of you that is doing substantially less than the speed limit, and you don’t want to be caught behind them. Putting on your indicator, you check your side mirrors and out you pull into the next lane. Suddenly you are blasted violently by a horn from a driver behind you. You just didn’t see them there. This is such a common occurrence on our roads and the driver is completely correct in believing they didn’t see the other vehicle there. Want to know why? Because the other vehicle was in their blind spot. Unless you take the time to turn and check over your shoulder to ascertain if there is anyone behind you, you are not going to ever see the vehicle in your blind spot. Now that sounds to me like a recipe for disaster.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the solution to these types of errors in judgement and collisions. When they developed the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world, MaxiView did so with the goal of reducing the number of collisions on our roads. Most blind spot mirrors will reduce the size of the object being reflected and that’s why they come with the warning that objects may appear closer than they seem. Why should a motorist have to calculate and estimate the distance between them and the other vehicle and then hope their estimations are right in order to safely change lanes? MaxiView blind spot mirrors take the guess work out of the lane change. Their mirrors will enlarge the object to three times its actual size, giving the driver ample time to make the decision to lane change or not.