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MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors Will Suit All Vehicles In Your Family

If you have a side mirror on your vehicle that states that objects may be closer than they appear then you have one of the not so great blind spot mirrors available. Perhaps you have a bubble mirror ore a fish eye mirror that is supposed to help identify objects within the blind spot attached to your vehicle or you have seen other vehicles with it? Whatever the case, if you are familiar with these kinds of blind spot mirrors then you may not know just how difficult they are to use and how there is a much better solution to the blind spot mirror. All vehicles have a blind spot, that means every car,truck, bus and motorcycle on the road has a blind spot where the driver may not be able to see an entire vehicle lurking in there.

Other mirrors can be troublesome for the driver as they reduce the size of the object that they are trying to avoid. This means that the driver not only has to strain to actually see what the object is, but they also have to carefully estimate the distance that is between them and this greatly reduced image. MaxiView blind spot mirrors enlarge the object up to three times the actual size, allowing the driver ample reaction time to choose to say, change lanes. With a fully patented 360 degree ball and swivel design the MaxiView blind spot mirror is able to accommodate any driver regardless of their height. Sitting in the top corner of the existing side mirror, your MaxiView mirror will not impede any other vision that is needed. Fully guaranteed, this blind spot mirror will put up with the most punishing weather conditions and can be removed and placed on your next vehicle with a minimum of fuss. At less than $30 a pair, all vehicle in the family should be fitted with MaxiView blind spot mirrors