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MaxiView Keeps Our Teens Safe On The Roads

When our kids finally get to the age where they are able to sit behind the wheel of a motor vehicle we suddenly realize that they not only take their lives and those of their passengers into their own hands, but the lives of others on our roads as well. When they are taught to drive they are told that in order to make a lane change that they must first check the rear view mirror, then their side mirrors and then turn in their seat and physically check over their shoulder to ascertain if there is another vehicle in their blind spot.

One can imagine how difficult and indeed risky that advice really is when you are a new driver with little to no experience. Not only does the teen need to increase speed to make a lane change but they need to keep a steady hand on the wheel. These two actions require concentration even when they are looking straight ahead, can you imagine what is involved when they have to take their eyes from the road and turn to look over their shoulder? Yet this is what we tell them and this is why we have such a high rate of collisions on our roads. In fact the major cause to highway collisions is due to lane changing and when these drivers are asked how this collision occurred they almost always say they simply did not see the other driver in their blind spot.

MaxiView Mirrors saw the problem and came to a remarkable solution. You see there are other mirrors on the market that have not come close to being as effective as MaxiView’s blind spot mirrors. They are the most adjustable of all stick on mirrors in the world. That means height, seat position and car model do not change the effectiveness of these mirrors.