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MaxiView Mirrors Are a Sound Safety Investment

Blind spots can be the cause of some of the worst fatalities our nations roads have seen. They are certainly the leading cause of accidents that occur from lane changes. The simple fact of the matter is that drivers just don’t see the other vehicle that is lurking in their blind spot. If you have ever been involved in a collision of this type, or you have been a very near miss you can understand how common they are and how often they occur. It seems not only do you need to concentrate on what you are doing on the road but also that of what others are doing.

All vehicles regardless of their make or model have a blinds pot. Some vehicles have a “larger” blind spot than others. That is; most vehicles can easily “hide” one other vehicle of similar size in their blind spot. Trucks, motorcycles and buses are not exempt from this problem either. In fact, you may have seen the motoring manufacturers attempts at remedying this problem by making vehicles with the side mirrors that come with a warning stating that objects may be closer than they seem. This is because this type of blind spot mirror reduces the image reflected sometimes by up to eight times its actual size.

These vehicles are often in lane change collisions as the driver was unable to accurately determine how far away the vehicle in their minimizing mirror was. MaxiView mirrors have changed this entire design to make sure that drivers have ample time to choose to change lanes dependent on the safety of the situation. MaxiView mirrors enlarge the size of images in the blind spot by up to three times their actual size. They are also the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world. That means anyone of any height can use these mirrors successfully. At less than $30 a pair they make for a sound investment in the safety of you and your passengers.