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Putting an end to blind spots

The side and rear view mirrors of every vehicle have blind spots; the larger the vehicle the bigger is the blind spot. These areas around your vehicle are not visible through the regular mirrors of your vehicle. The blind spots are one of the leading causes of collisions between vehicles all over the world. Such accidents result in severe loss to property and many people lose their lives due to these vehicular mishaps. You can now put an end to these dangerous invisible areas by installing blind spot mirrors to your vehicle’s regular mirrors.

These mirrors expand the view of the vehicle’s surrounding area by more than twice the area covered by regular vehicular mirrors. In comparison to the fish eye and bubble mirrors technology, the new flatter designs expand the vision without distorting the quality of the view. This enables you to view vehicles that are driving in the blind spot of your vehicle. The lens is made with treated glass that does not shatter easily. The anti glare and fog resistance features of the lens make the mirrors more effective under all types of driving conditions.

The manufacturers of these mirrors use high quality adhesive for the bonding strip that is used to attach these mirrors to the motorhome mirror, motorcycle mirror, and towing mirror. The adhesive is all weather compliant, which ensures the mirrors do not slide off in case of snow or rains. You can attach the mirrors without any additional tools or special equipments within a few minutes. Moreover, you can remove the mirrors and reattach these to another vehicle, which makes these blind spot mirrors extremely affordable and cost efficient.

With the technical development, you now have a simple, easy, quick, and affordable method of putting an end to the dangerous blind spots of your vehicle.