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Reduce accidents while changing lanes with blind spot mirrors

Blind spots are present in the mirrors of every make of vehicles, including motorcycle mirror, motorhome mirror, and towing mirror. A leading cause of accident, blind spots significantly increases the risk of collision while changing lanes. Generally, drivers cannot see the oncoming vehicles from two lanes away while moving from one lane to another. This may result in the collision of vehicles, which can be fatalistic.

The new and advanced blind spot mirror enables drivers to make safe lane changes. This new type of adjustable mirror provides superior image quality in comparison to the fish-eye or bubble mirrors that provide distorted views to the drivers. The mirrors are made with high-tech engineered glass, which does not shatter, is resistant to fog, and is completely safeguarded against the glare of oncoming vehicles in the night.

The blind spot mirrors are appropriate to attach to the upper inside corner of the mirrors, which is the area that is rarely used by drivers. The primary reason for this is that the upper inside corner shows the sky, which reduces the drivers’ visions. The new mirrors come with a 360-degree swivel ball, which enables drivers to adjust the mirror to suit his or her personal requirements.

These adjustable mirrors use a special bonding strip, which is strong and usable in all-weather conditions. The bonding strip is made with a special adhesive that is approved by NASA and is used to stitch wounds occurring on the battlefield. Moreover, the all-weather bonding strip comes with a three-year warranty. The bonding strip is known to last for the life of the vehicles. In case, you change your vehicle, you can follow the procedure to remove the strip and attach it to your new vehicle. The design of the new technically advanced blind spot mirror complements the aesthetics of all types of vehicles, which includes high-end luxury vehicles.