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Reduce collisions with a blind spot mirror

The blind spot of a vehicle refers to an area around the vehicle that is invisible to the driver while behind the controls. It does not appear or reflect on the side mirror. At the same time a driver is expected to keep his or her eyes moving constantly on the road ahead and on the sides. As a responsible driver you are expected to check your mirrors after every few seconds especially the side mirrors. Unfortunately the areas you do not see in your side mirror are crucial for they might conceal a fast approaching vehicle while you are changing lanes. The only way you can ensure that you see the other drivers is by checking and manually adjusting your side mirrors to cover the blind spot or turning your head backwards every so often to get a clear view of the road. Both of these techniques cannot be relied on while you are driving at a faster speed because they would demand that you break your concentration and focus on the road ahead.

The best way to reduce collisions would be to install a blind spot mirror in your car. Unlike the fish-eye and bubble side mirrors found in most cars, the blind spot mirror is optically engineered to provide you with clear realistic images. With ball swivel 360 degrees adjustability, the blind spot mirror can be adjusted to provide an expanded distortion-free visibility to the driver regardless of his or her height or viewing position. It is easy to install because it is a stick on mirror that is attached using an all-weather super-strong bonding strip. Unlike the other types of side mirrors, the blind spot mirror works perfectly even with a towing mirror, motorcycle mirror, and a motorhome mirror. The blind spot mirror is the best option for reducing the blind spot and the collisions that result from poor side mirror visibility.