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Reduce the Blind Spot – Reduce the Collisions

Numerous drivers have had instances where they tried to change lanes with the notion that the course was clear only to see another vehicle out of nowhere in the adjoining lane. The fact is that the vehicle in question was there, but was “hidden” within the driver’s blind spot.

If the reflex action of the driver is slow, then an accident is bound to happen. These collisions can be eliminated if we reduced the opportunity of the blind spot when driving. This can be achieved by affixing MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your already existing side mirrors.

With MaxiView blind spot mirrors, you don’t have to undergo the tedious adjusting of your mirrors every time a different driver sits in the driver’s seat. With the 360 degree adjustable swivel ball and socket design of the MaxiView blind spot mirror, the tallest of NBA players and the most petite of grannies can have maximum vision using MaxiView blind spot mirrors.

The blind spot can be completely eliminated using MaxiView blind spot mirrors which have been extensively tested throughout the world including along California’s freeways as well as on Europe’s Autobahns. These stick on blind spot mirrors are completely distortion free. The images that the MaxiView blind spot mirrors reflect are three times larger than the regular bubble blind spot mirrors that reduce the size of the image instead. Optically engineered, MaxiView blind spot mirrors can be affixed using the special bonding strip that can withstand all weather and can also be effortlessly removed and placed once more on another vehicle if required. MaxiView blind spot mirrors offer great value for money and when it comes to vehicle safety it makes sense to purchase a pair of the world’s most adjustable stick on blind spot mirrors for your vehicle.