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Reduce the Blind Spot, Reduce the Collisions

Near misses and collisions have become a daily occurrence on highways and major freeways. In some cases such collisions result in heavy losses in lives and limbs. There are people who have become completely incapacitated by collisions along the freeways. One of the major causes of collisions is the inability to see other motorists while changing lanes along the highway. This is because most drivers rely on the old fashioned fish-eye and bubble side mirrors which are not only inaccurate in showing how far or how large the vehicle behind is but also unable to give a clear view of what is referred to as the blind spot.

The blind spot is the area on the road behind and adjacent to the car that is not visible to the driver through the side mirror. Any effort to reduce collisions on highways should be based on finding ways to reduce the blind spot because clear visibility is essential to safe driving. Fortunately the blind spot can be effectively reduced through the use of a blind spot mirror. This is a stick-on mirror that has successfully been tested on California freeways and the autobahns of Europe to prove its effectiveness in eliminating the blind spot while driving. It is shatterproof, fog resistant, and comes with unique night vision features to make it completely glare-proof. What makes the blind spot mirror more effective than the traditional fish-eye and bubble side mirrors is its focus capability derived from its 360 degrees adjustable ball swivel. It also provides a larger view than traditional side mirrors because its surface curvature is of the same size as that of a truck’s side mirror. With its super strong bonding strip installation it can fit a towing mirror, a motorcycle mirror, and even a motorhome mirror. Given all the above advantages, the blind spot mirror can effectively eliminate the blind spot menace and reduce collisions on our roads and freeways in the process.