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Reduce the dangers of blindspots with adjustable mirrors

Often road accidents occurring on the highways involve larger vehicles, such as trucks and trailers. Drivers of these vehicles need to drive for several hours daily to ensure timely deliveries of their cargoes. This causes fatigue and many drivers use stimulants, such as alcohol and beverages to overcome this fatigue. However, this may cause recklessness on their part, which increases the risk of accidents. When you couple this with the existence of blindspots, you are talking about real dangerous situations.

Although, the rear and side mirrors are beneficial in seeing oncoming vehicles, all the mirrors, such as towing mirrors, motorhome mirrors, and motorcycle mirrors have blindspots. These are areas that remain invisible through the regular vehicular mirrors. Moreover, larger vehicles have larger invisible areas making these riskier.

The larger vehicles, such as buses, trailers, tractors, and trucks have blindspots on the rear quarter sides, right side, back side, and the entrance side. Moreover, the longer vehicles have longer blindspots on the rear quarter side. Drivers of these larger vehicles cannot see oncoming vehicles in the surrounding areas especially while making lane changes. Such vehicles are higher that makes it very difficult for drivers to see cars driving in their blindspots. All these factors pose a higher risk of collisions and reduce the confidence of drivers while making lane changes.

Such risks can be significantly reduced by installing blindspot mirrors on the vehicle’s rear and side view mirrors. Using the swivel ball provided with the mirrors makes it simpler to adjust the mirrors as per the drivers’ requirements. The all weather bonding strip is made with high quality adhesive that makes attaching these mirrors an effortless job that does not require any tools. The glass is made with an advanced optical technology, which makes the mirrors resistant to shattering. Moreover, the convex shape provides a wider view without distorting the image.