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Remedying The Blind Spot In Vehicles

All vehicles have a blind spot. This is the area that sits to the rear and side of your vehicle that cannot be seen in your side and rear mirrors. Trucks, buses and motorcycles also have blind spots and the make and model of the vehicle is often a determinant as to the degree of blind spot found. Some vehicle manufacturers decided that to combat the ever growing problem of blind spot collisions that they would manufacture vehicles that have a side mirror with a special lens that holds a warning many of us have seen before. The warning usually says that images may be closer than they seem.

Mirrors that reduce the size of an object or vehicle in the blind spot have a very limited success rate. This is mainly because it relies on the driver accurately guessing how far away the other vehicle is in order to make a safe lane change or not. When we take a look at the vehicles that have all been involved in lane change collisions on the highways around the country they often include vehicles where these mirrors have been fitted.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors developed the most logical answer to the problem and have patented the design and offer it to all motorists. The MaxiView blind spot mirror actually enlarges objects that are reflected to be three times bigger than they actually are. This means that der4ivers have more than adequate time to gauge if a lane change would be safe or not. These mirrors are stick on and are applied to the upper corner of the existing side mirrors in the place that would otherwise reflect the sky. Understandably this is not needed in order to make a lane change and can be sacrificed without further sacrificing any of the other mirror space.