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Road Accidents: Prevent them with Blind Spot Mirrors

In 2008, there were 10.2 million road accidents in the United States according to the US Census Board, of that number an average of 480,000 people died. Twenty per cent of these fatalities are reported to be due to distractions or at least one driver’s inability to see a road hazard or the other vehicle.

The most common cause of these types of accidents is the blind spot obscuring the driver’s view. Accidents happen either when the driver gets a false sense of security because a hazard is hidden within the blind spot or when he tries to glance over his shoulders to make sure of any vehicles lurking within that area.

Blind spots can be eliminated with the right tools, specifically MaxiView blind spot mirrors which add the extra set of eyes to aide in driving. These invaluable car accessories help the driver see areas around the car hidden from normal side mirrors. The out dated and outmoded blind spot mirrors available previously were the bubble or more commonly known fish-eye types. Bubble types do show potential hazards normally hidden from view, but because of their shape, reflections are distorted leaving the estimation to the driver. This could sometimes aggravate what would have been a safe lane change or road turn.

That’s why the MaxiView blind spot mirror is in a class on its own. Unlike bubble types, MaxiView gives you a more realistic view lending you a better sense of “hazards” near or incoming. MaxiView Blind spot mirrors are fully adjustable; the driver has full control over the positioning of the mirror for optimum view and comfort. Made with NASA grade materials and a stylish finish worthy of any class of vehicles, another great feature is the high quality adhesive strip that will never loosen no matter how rough the weather becomes.