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Safe vacation with your motor home

You have your new motor home and want to get away on vacation. However, a motor home is not the same as a car and you need to plan before you set off. Safety is the issue!

  1. Make sure your moveable items big and small are secure. Anything that could move and break needs to be locked away. Larger items, such as chairs, should be tied down. They might not break if they moved, but they would destabilise the vehicle you are driving.
  2. Lock all doors and windows, both inside and out. You do not want them moving, slamming or breaking whilst you are driving. Exterior openings in particular must be secure. An opening door or sky-light could catch the wind and drag the vehicle dangerously.
  3. Check your flammable substances. Any heating oil or cooking gas should be secured most carefully and kept away from possible heat sources such as the engine or exhaust.
  4. All taps should be off and cables and hoses secure. You do not need a gas leak or water flood in the middle of your journey. A simple double-check could save a lot of danger and damage later.
  5. Roof storage. If you have this, ensure it will neither fall off nor catch the wind during travel.
  6. Check the brakes with a full load, before you have gone far, so you are comfortable with the response and confident of their efficiency.
  7. Check blind spots. Investigate the blind spots to your new long vehicle. Invest in some blind spot mirrors and practice using them. You will still have blind spots, so check where they are and how to reduce their effect by head movement. Adjust your mirrors to get the best coverage.
  8. Get a good map and off you go!