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Safer Lane Changes With The MaxiView Blind Spot Mirror

For some time now, there has been a conundrum in the auto industry that has seen the standard side mirrors on vehicles unchanged. Taking into account that the side mirror designs today have differed little from the original design from decades past, it seems that massive opportunities for developing a better alternative to combat the blind spot has arisen. With the number of deaths and collisions on the roads due to lane changing issues at an all time high, surely something has to be done to fix this issue.

A creation called MaxiView Mirrors is the long awaited solution to this key topic. MaxiView uses a unique fully patented design pivotal in solving the issues that many drivers- and indeed vehicles suffer from, with regards to blind spots. Side view mirrors will barely illustrate a portion of what is truly behind and to the side of a vehicle. The image that is reflected is mostly of the vehicle you are within, plus the road straight behind as well as the sky. Undoubtedly, the sky is not a part in determining if it is safe to switch lanes. This is where MaxiView blind spot mirrors are placed in order to provide the slightest disruption to your vision and in order to ‘highlight’ every vehicle or object in your blind spot.

When attaching your pair of MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your existing side mirrors on your vehicle, you can rest assured that it is not a difficult task. Simply reading the instructions that come with the MaxiView blind spot mirrors will give you the best tips to securing them effectively. All MaxiView blind spot mirrors come with their own unique adhesive that will not damage the existing mirror should you decide to remove your blind spot mirrors at some point in future. If you do decide to remove your blind spot mirrors when you sell your vehicle, you can easily use the MaxiView tool to remove them, and know that they can be reapplied to your next vehicle once more.

Placement of the blind spot mirrors should be according to the instructions, and will have them fixed to the upper corner of the side mirror. This is where nothing of great importance to driving is reflected and is where the reflection of the sky can be seen. Now, any driver will tell you that the reflection of the sky does not have any influence over the ability to change lanes safely! Many fo the blind spot mirrors on the market can actually cause more harm than good. The image that is reflected by the MaxiView blind spot mirrors is enlarged by up to three times bigger than the object itself. Other blind spot mirrors on the market reduce the size of the object and come with warnings that objects may appear smaller than they are. This has meant that drivers have had to estimate how far away another vehicle or object is according to the small image being reflected. This has caused confusion and collisions with many drivers incorrectly estimating their ability to safely change lanes. MaxiView blind spot mirrors make lane changes much safer for the driver.