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Safer Roads With MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

Thinking back to when you first started taking driving lessons, do you recall your instructor requesting that in order to switch lanes that you ought to check your rear view mirror, then check your side mirrors and then if clear, turn within your seat and look over your shoulder to ascertain if there was anyone in your blind spot? I must admit that I am still astounded that even today the same instruction exists. I can only imagine the risk that a driver, especially a learning driver, puts them self at when taking their eyes from the road to shift weight in their seat and look behind them all travelling at 60 miles an hour.

So what is the solution to this crazy piece of instruction? Well, establishing if there is a vehicle in the blind spot has been a challenge for many years regardless of the vehicle that you drive. All vehicles have a blind spot and depending on the make and model of the vehicle, some blind spots are worst than others. Trucks and motorcycles also have blind spots. So how do we solve this problem? Up until now there has been a very limited degree of successful mirrors that have been able to easily identify the object within the blind spot. MaxiView blind spot mirrors however, have developed a stick on blind spot mirror that has easily and safely enabled drivers to ascertain what is in their blind spot and act accordingly.

The MaxiView blind spot mirror has a unique and fully patented 360 degree ball and swivel, which means that it can be adjusted and placed to suit any driver regardless of their height and seating position within the drivers seat. The design of the ball and swivel designed by MaxiView enable the most possible lateral and side view of your vehicle in order to expose anything that may be hidden away in your blind spot. There is absolutely no other stick on mirror in the world that offers this much flexibility and adjustment. What this means is that the driver will no longer have to turn their body and take their eyes from the road when checking for anything in their blind spot. With the MaxiView blind spot mirrors the driver is able to remain looking straight ahead and yet have full view of what is going on around and to the rear of their vehicle.

Attaching your MaxiView blind spot mirrors to your existing side mirrors on your vehicle is simple and straightforward. The super adhesive bonding material used is the same that surgeons use in replace of stitches today. This means your blind spot mirrors can put up with the worst of weather extremes and still go to work for you to provide the safest driving experience for your vehicle. The 360 degree ball and swivel technology means that the driver can get the most lateral and side vision of the rear and side of their vehicle without having to take their eyes from the road. No more turning in your seat to see if anyone is in the blind spot when you have MaxiView blind spot mirrors.