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Safer Traveling On Our Nations Roads

Having the safest vehicle possible on the road comes down to two attachments that can fit to your vehicle today and can mean the difference between making the most common mistake made when changing lanes, and causing a collision. You may have been involved in a collision like this or you may have seen it happen. Truth is, this is such a common occurrence it generally goes without mention today. It involves the lane change. The number of drivers that unsuccessfully make a lane change and collide with the vehicle in the lane they are changing to is enormous. This happens to be the leading cause of collisions on our roads. It is almost always due to the fact that there was a vehicle traveling in the other vehicles blind spot and they were simply not seen by the driver wishing to make the lane change.

Fixing this problem has been rather limited up until now. Other manufacturers came up with a mirror that resembles a bubble or a fish eye. What made these mirrors more of a hindrance than a help was that they reduced the size of the object the driver is trying to dodge. How this could have ever been seen as a viable solution begs wondering. Other vehicle manufacturers came up with the idea of inserting a new type of mirror in the side mirrors which also reduced the image size and came with warnings that objects may be closer than they seem. Again, less than successful on many levels.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors have the most logical and successful option for solving the issue of the blind spot. Instead of reducing the size of the image it actually enlarges it. This gives the driver ample time to judge the safety of a lane change. It is a fully adjustable ball and socket design that suits all drivers irrespective of their height. In fact, MaxiView blind spot mirrors are the most adjustable stick on mirror in the world.