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Safety On Our Roads With Blind Spot Mirrors

When it comes to being safe on our roads there is only so much that every driver is able to do. Whilst we are able to ensure that we drive as safely as possible we are not always able to ensure that other drivers hold the same level of care. This is especially true when it comes to lane changing on our highways and roads. You may not be surprised to learn that lane changes make up the most common road fatality and injury cause when it comes to collisions. This is a sad but true fact and the problem has not been easily remedied, despite some motor vehicle manufacturers efforts.

Some vehicles have been manufactured with a blind spot mirror already built in to the side mirrors of the vehicle. This is a limited success item as it has distinct faults. One of them is the fact that it reduces the reflected image sometimes up to eight times its actual size. That means, anything you see in these types of mirrors are so minimized you have to be very accurate and have great vision to see what the object is let alone judge accurately how far away from you it is in order to make a lane change.

These types of mirrors fitted to cars are commonly involved in lane change collisions still. The accuracy with which a driver can estimate distance is not consistent and open to fault. That is why MaxiView blind spot mirrors developed the leading blind spot mirror in the country. Enhancing the size of the image by up to three time the MaxiView mirror is able to give the driver plenty of time to gauge the safety of a move. They are known as the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror and are suitable for all drivers of all heights and ages.