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Sensible Safety Solution With MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot is not like the black hole or the Bermuda triangle. It is an area that exists for all vehicles on our roads regardless of their shape, make or model. It is not a fictional area or place but it is rather an area that cannot be see without special mirrors to highlight this area. The current remedy to expose the objects in the blind spot have been largely unsuccessful. Objects in these mirrors are reduced significantly – sometimes up to eight times, and require that the driver accurately estimate the distance that the vastly smaller object is to them in order to make a safe lane change. It all sounds rather ridiculous when you think about it like that, doesn’t it? Reducing the size of the object you are trying to miss couldn’t seriously be the only option for drivers, surely?

MaxiView blind spot mirrors developed an innovative and effective blind spot mirror that re wrote the way that drivers would be able to locate objects in their blind spots. Regarded as the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror, the MaxiView blind spot mirror is attached to the upper corner of the existing vehicles mirrors in the space that would normally reflect the sky. Clearly, the sky has little to no bearing as to the safety of a lane merge, and therefore MaxiView mirrors enhance the rear view rather than inhibit it.

With the unique ball and socket design which is fully patented, MaxiView blind spot mirrors are suitable for the tallest of basket ball players and can easily be viewed by the most petite grandmother. They are easily applied and should you change vehicles at a later stage and want to take your MaxiView blind spot mirrors with you then you are able to remove them and adherer them to your next vehicle.