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Sensible Safety With MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors

When you are driving along and you notice that there is a vehicle not far ahead that is traveling significantly slower than you, you may choose to put into course a set of actions in order to make a lane change around the slow vehicle. What you do is based on the teachings of your driving instructor from many years before. No doubt, you will check you rear view mirror, then your side mirrors, perhaps then put your indicator on, check mirrors again and change lanes. BAM! You hit a car that you had no idea was there. Problem was the vehicle that was hit was traveling in your blind spot, and you failed to check that prior to changing lanes.

Don’t feel bad, this is the most common collision on our roads today. You may have been taught by that same driving instructor would most likely have been for you to take your eyes from the road and turn in your seat to view the blind spot area yourself. That’s right, take your eyes from the road. Now add to that when changing lanes it generally involves an increase in speed. Does this sound like a sensible action to perform to you? Well most likely not and that may be why you failed to do it when you hit the other vehicle. It just doesn’t make sense that there couldn’t be a better way.

MaxiView blind spot mirrors agreed wholeheartedly and developed the worlds most adjustable stick on mirror. Rather than taking the track that the other ineffective blind spot mirror manufacturers were taking ; that is to produce a mirror that reduced the size of the object you need to avoid, MaxiView enlarged it. Now, rather than having to guess what is lurking in your blind spot, or have to squint and stretch to make out what that tiny object is being reflected, MaxiView blind spot mirrors make it large and give the driver ample time to gauge the safety of a lane merge.