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Forgets To Check Your Blindspot And You Could Flips Off The Road

A truck driver has revealed shocking footage of a motorist who ‘forgot to check their blind spot’ swerve violently and flip her car on its roof on the M1.

But despite the carnage the driver and her passenger to climb out of the car unscathed.

Gordon Wilson, from Loughborough, Leics, spotted the blue Peugeot 206 lose control after attempting to change lanes and almost hitting another vehicle it had seemingly failed to spot.

In the footage, captured on Gordon’s dashcam, the car is then seen ploughing off the motorway and tumbling over into a ditch.

The 34-year-old rushed over to help the passengers, fearing them dead, but says in some ‘miracle’ the mother and daughter managed to escape virtually unharmed.

Dad-of-two Gordon said: “When I saw the car start swerving, I knew right away what was going to happen, probably before they did. It was right in front of me so I couldn’t not pull over.

“I am limited to 56mph but I still had to brake as hard as I could, it all happened so fast.

“I think the driver hadn’t checked their blind spot so went to pull out, then when they suddenly saw the red car they lost control in the heat of the moment.

“The swerving was very severe. I have seen cars do that before, but never where they leave the motorway altogether. It was a poor standard of driving.

“Me and another driver pulled over and approached the car to help, but there was fluid leaking out. My first thought was, ‘Oh, God, is this going to go bang?’

“I got to the car and there was complete silence, it was quite eerie. I shouted through the back window and scrambled to the driver door because I could see movement. I didn’t know what I was going to find.

“It was two women in the car , a mother and a daughter, and they were miraculously fine. I really thought the impact would have killed them but they were incredibly lucky.”

Gordon filmed the accident on June 3 on the M1 motorway near Leicester and says it was ‘by far the worst’ motoring incident he has witnessed.

He stayed at the scene for around 45 minutes until an ambulance arrived, but phoned the police days later to check that the two women were OK.

To his disbelief, he was informed the only injury sustained was by the daughter, who was driving the vehicle and suffered a dislocated knee.

Gordon said: “As a lorry driver I see a lot of accidents but this is by far the worst I’ve seen. It was quite traumatic.

“I was in shock that they’d manager to survive. I don’t know if they realised how lucky they actually were. They were travelling at about 70mph at least.

“I left the scene and carried on my way but an hour later, it really hit me and I was quite shook up. I have a young family at home so this sort of thing can be frightening. I wondered if the car could have gone up in flames.

“I spoke to a police officer a couple of days later who confirmed that the two women were OK except for one dislocated knee.