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Taking Your Motor Home On Vacation

Taking your motor home on vacation should be an exciting adventure. This is your chance to travel freely and stay where you want. Here are some things to think about as you drive.

  1. Check all the moveable contents are not going to move about whilst you are driving. Store all crockery and cutlery in lockable areas and make sure that larger items like tables and chairs are properly lashed.
  2. Check for dangerous and flammable liquids. Materials like cooking oils, paraffin, heating oils, liquid gas, vehicle gas and even water are all extra hazards. Each container should be checked for leaks and stored where it cannot move and where in the event of a sudden movement or collision, the least risk from such compounds is going to be caused.
  3. Check that the hoses and cables are all unattached and are rolled or stored properly so that damage does not occur whilst in transit. Gas taps in particular must be checked.
  4. Check that all windows, doors and skylights are locked and will not open in the case of high wind or sudden impact.
  5. Check your blind spots. Make sure you are familiar with the dimensions of your motor home and the effect this has on your vision. Invest in some good blind spot mirrors to give yourself the best view possible. Even the most expensive rig will have large blind spots and you should note these with the help of another before you start driving.
  6. Check your journey. Be aware of your route, possible hold ups and obstacles. Check if tolls are present and plan your gas stops before you reach an emergency situation.
  7. Check you have spares of obvious items, like tires and gas bottles, wiper blades and lashing ropes.

Then, hopefully, you can enjoy your vacation.